Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat, AeroYoga® Mini-Retreat, Meditation & Ayurveda Anti Age

Hi! I´m Rafael Martínez, creator of the AeroYoga® and Creative Yoga © methods for two decades. Do you know about our Mini Yoga Retreats in Puerto Rico?

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Nowadays when we talk about yoga we mainly talk about the practice of asanas (yoga exercises) and pranayama (conscious breathing), that is, the postures that aim to soften and strengthen the body and the breathing exercises that regulate the flow of energy. vital.

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Yoga Creativo© provides a host of physical benefits, including muscle relaxation (Creative Yoga © poses are varied to stretch all large muscle groups and include both floor and air / trapeze poses).

Some postures in our methods help build muscle smoothly, while others work on balance, strength, endurance, and elasticity.

With a regular practice of Yoga Creativo© & AeroYoga® we can correct postural errors that have developed throughout our lives, which greatly alleviate chronic back problems and pain.


Creative Yoga © has been carefully developed to help reduce stress.

During the Yoga Creativo© and AeroYoga® classes during our Yoga Retreat Puerto Rico the attention is completely focused on the body and the breath, we are in the «here and now», which is a form of meditation.

A Boston University study published in 2010 showed that yoga is effective in relieving anxiety.

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Creative Yoga © works on the yoga mat and in the air too!

On the yoga mat or in suspension, with the yoga swing (trapeze) we are invited to take the time to listen to the body, the attention is constantly returned to the breath, we develop our ability to concentrate.

For example, in balance exercises whether on the ground or in weightlessness, our full attention is required to maintain the posture.

This makes our mind concentrate and develop its ability to combat the attention deficit, so common today due to the use of mobile devices.

puerto rico yoga retreat

Strength, dexterity, balance, elasticity, resistance, toning, concentration, are all the aspects that you will develop with the practice of our methods, AeroYoga® and Creative Yoga © in our AeroYoga® Mini-Retreats (Yoga Retreat Puerto Rico ).

But you will also exercise meditation, pranayama (conscious breathing), the benefits of Ayurveda Rasayana (toning, detox, slimming, anti-aging), ecological aromatherapy, and lithotherapy (work with hot stones).


Every Saturday and Sunday (choose a day!) In the morning from 10 am to 2 pm.

What does our Yoga Retreat Mini AeroYoga® and Creative Yoga © Retreats include?

These are Mini-Retreats that include total immersion in the AeroYoga® method with the benefits of Ayurveda Rasayana, meditation, Creative Yoga ©, aerial yoga and AeroPilates, as well as hot stone therapy. and organic essential oils (aromatherapy).

These Mini-Retreats include lunch, vegan (without meat) or traditional (with meat), you choose, as well as anti-age drink and keto-friendly dessert.


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AeroYoga® International Teacher Training

Hello Puerto Rico! I am Rafael Martinez, creator of the AeroYoga® method and founder of AeroYoga® International two decades ago.

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Do you want to boost your professional career in Puerto Rico?

We train the best instructors of the original Aeroyoga® method so that you can give group classes in gyms, yoga centers, physiotherapy or individual classes.

The Online certification will allow you to learn the method at your own pace, with all the video classes, a tutor, the official swing and everything you need to get started.

All the details and contents of this training and free access to the online classroom (so you can see what it is like) click here

For any additional information contact AeroYoga® Institute Puerto Rico by Whatsapp +1 787 692 4636

and by mail aeroyoga@aeroyoga.es

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