Puerto Rico Yoga: What´s AeroYoga®, 18 Benefits

Puerto Rico Yoga. What is AeroYoga®? 18 Benefits 4 Health

Puerto Rico Yoga! AeroYoga® is a suspension work discipline developed by Rafael Martinez for two decades.
Martinez defines the AeroYoga® as an «artistic method of personal growth in suspension».

According to its author, this technique is defined as «artistic» because it seeks to develop the creative capacities of the person, beyond enhancing muscle toning, redefinition, weight loss, or anti-aging, which are other great benefits.

Rafael Martinez

Puerto Rico Yoga. A little background

AeroYoga® arises from a method of yoga on the floor that Rafael Martinez created for his students in Madrid, Creative Yoga © (Yoga Creativo©).
It was in Madrid at the beginning of the 2000s that Rafael founded the Madrid Yoga Studio, a small multidisciplinary work space, where he offered a yoga method developed to enhance the creativity from 4 tools that the person has free and inexhaustible but of which he is generally little aware, these four tools according to Martinez are:

· Body.
· Mind.
· Breathing.
· Energy.

The idea of Creative Yoga © (Yoga Creativo©) was to make the student aware of these elements and develop them through the practice of Yoga for personal growth.
His Creative Yoga © method was very successful, however on a trip to the United States Rafael discovers a swing to exercise. There he visualizes all the potential of Creative Yoga © (Yoga Creativo©) but applied to the suspension and the swing is brought to Spain.

Puerto Rico Yoga

Rafael Martínez is thus the first person to introduce the so-called Aerial Yoga in the peninsula but also in countries like Portugal or France …

Once back in Spain, this yogi teacher applies all the Creative Yoga® technique to work in suspension with the collaboration of all his students, who willingly and always available helped him to try new exercises and postures in the air until they worked and they were ideal for the physical and mental well-being of the practitioner.

In a matter of a year Rafael developed the method called AeroYoga® and it began to be taught in regular classes and very soon also, due to public demand, offered 200-hour teacher training.

Puerto Rico Yoga

Puerto Rico Yoga, How does the AeroYoga® method work?

AeroYoga® is a technique of working in the air with the help of a special swing (trapeze or yoga swing). In this method Rafael has introduced three variants and three levels of intensity, so that it becomes a non-exclusive method, it is In other words, everyone is welcome to practice AeroYoga®.

AeroYoga® is divided into 3 variants:

· Holistic variant (Aerial Yoga) 

· Technical variant (Aerial Pilates or AeroPilates) 

· Aerobic variant (Aerial Fitness).

puerto rico yoga

It also has 3 intensity levels so that everyone, whatever their condition, can practice it:

· Level 0: Restorative level, soft postures are performed with one part of the body in contact with the ground and another in suspension (partial suspension) 

· Level 1: Medium level, one part of the body is in suspension. Ideal to becoming familiar with the AeroYoga® postures that we will do later in full suspension. This section includes the AeroPilates system 

· Level 2: Advanced level, this is the level that works totally in the air (full suspension). Also called AeroYoga® Acrobatic.

puerto rico yoga benefist

The Benefits of the AeroYoga® method.

After beginning to teach the method with his students, he quickly began to appreciate the multiple benefits that the practice of AeroYoga® produced in the students.Rafael began to work with doctors specializing in sports medicine to investigate so many positive things that the method was producing in the people.

In this way, and after several research works and a lot of experience with real students practicing the AeroYoga® and AeroPilates, these would be the multiple benefits of the method:

· Enhances the general stretching of the muscular system (stretching) 

· Improves lymphatic drainage. 

· Circulatory drainage (venous return).

· Improves back health. 

· Helps with axial decompression (separation of the vertebrae in the spine). 

· Improves the skin. 

· Physical growth. 

· Anti aging. 

· Improves the general toning of the muscular system. 

· Muscle redefinition. 

· Capillary nutrition thanks to inverted postures. 

· Improved balance. 

· Improved spatial orientation. 

· Helps lose weight. 

· Combat varicose veins and hemorrhoids. 

· Helps fight cellulite.

· Combats dispersion / improves concentration. 

· Anti stress. 

· Improves mood and self-esteem.

aeroyoga official

Puerto Rico Yoga. Influences:

Rafael Martínez’s training has a lot to do with the influences of the AeroYoga® method.

Rafael has a degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and finished his studies with a scholarship at L´Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Beaux Arts in Paris. 

Rafael is a certified Natha Yoga teacher and has studied Ayurveda. From this fusion of influences and knowledge arises the foundations of the AeroYoga® method.

Ayurveda Rasayana in particular is one of the great influences of this system. This ancestral branch of Ayurveda has focused for thousands of years on toning, detox and anti-aging … And so these will be 3 of the great benefits that Rafael always underlines, they enhance his method.

On the other hand, other therapies complete the AeroYoga® to turn this discipline into a truly holistic system – these are lithotherapy (working with hot stones during the session) and aromatherapy of ecological origin, which is used during classes. by AeroYoga®.

Puerto Rico Yoga, The AeroYoga® Book.

Rafael Martinez has also written the book ‘The Art of AeroYoga® Power of Weightlessness ̈ (Opera Prima publishing house). This is a book where this plastic artist trained in universities in Spain and France and certified in Natha Yoga by the Fédération Française des Écoles de Yoga, distills all his knowledge about Aerial Yoga and shows benefits for physical and emotional health as well as dozens of original photographs taken with the collaboration of his students.

aeroyoga teacher training

Puerto Rico Yoga. AeroYoga® Teacher Training.

Rafael Martínez began teaching teacher training once the complete protocol of the method had been developed and registered.

For two decades now, Rafael has been giving training that began in Spain but quickly began to offer in half the world … There are already hundreds of teachers formed by Rafael Martinez and there are AeroYoga® centers in Paris, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Russia, New Caledonia in Oceania and practically all of Latin America …

In addition AeroYoga® is already an international registered trademark.

Currently, and after traveling around the world teaching his method, Rafael Martinez resides in Puerto Rico where he founded Yoga Puerto Rico !, AeroYoga® Institute on the island … and it is in this free associated country of the United States where he currently teaches his personal growth techniques and Aero meditation, do yoga retreats and teaches the AeroYoga® and teacher training internationally.

If you want to certify yourself as an AeroYoga® teacher or attend classes in person or online with Rafael Martínez, consult by WhatsApp at +1 787 692 4636.

Web www.aeroyoga.es

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