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What Is Aerial Yoga? 7 Facets of a New Method for All

What is Aerial Yoga? Discover a Method for Personal Growth.

aerial yoga

Aerial Yoga by AeroYoga® is a discipline inspired mainly by Natha Yoga, a multi-millennial tantric teaching that vigorously involves the body, breathing and concentration in suspension on the Yoga swing (Trapeze).

Aerial Yoga is a suspension yoga method with multiple variations and origins. Today we are going to talk about the Aerial Yoga developed by teacher Rafael Martinez, who has taught this discipline for two decades. It is a Yoga technique in the air that he has called AeroYoga®.

Aerial Yoga by AeroYoga® is a discipline mainly inspired by Natha Yoga, a multi-millennial tantric teaching that vigorously involves the body, breathing and concentration.
Aerial Yoga by AeroYoga® thus develops health*, vitality, and emotional and mental stability, thus allowing to enjoy more fully of life itself, thanks to this concept of mindfulness to the energy developed through breathing, concentration and holistic work of the body… 


Beyond the physical practice of soft or more demanding gymnastics, depending on the level that Aerial Yoga implies, Aerial Yoga by AeroYoga® is a powerful and joyful suspension yoga that despite its modernity and innovation seeks to preserve the flavor and teachings from India, both Natha Yoga and Ayurveda, in particular Ayurveda Rasayana whose main objectives are toning body and mind, detoxification, weight loss and anti aging.
Aerial Yoga is a contemporary method in the air with a Yoga swing (trapeze) but it is also holistic and spiritual.

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Aerial Yoga Combine: 

1·Static and dynamic postures in the air (Aero Asanas).

2·Breathing techniques (Pranayama).

3·Keys of energy and contractions (Bhandas).


5·Guided relaxations with associated practices such as music with alpha sounds, the vibrations of the GONG or the Tibetan bowl.

6·Lithotherapy and crystal therapy.

7·Aromatherapy with organic essential oils.

aerial yoga

How does Aerial Yoga by AeroYoga® come to us?

After several years of transmitting a Yoga on the floor called Creative Yoga © (Yoga Creativo©), Rafael Martínez decided to transfer the techniques of Natha Yoga on a mat to a tool that he discovered on one of his trips to the United States, the yoga swing (trapeze). 

The idea was that thanks to this tool that was the yoga hammock, this discipline of personal development would be made available to as many people as possible, to accompany the changes in consciousness and physical and emotional tendencies that the life we know pushes us towards today.

In this way Aerial Yoga is discovered as a powerful, modern and effective technology to help the reencounter with oneself and to combat stress but always inspired and respecting the ancient teachings of Natha Yoga, Yoga of energy.
Aerial Yoga is a powerful suspension tool for personal development and self-learning through the body and introspection in the air …

It promotes the development of self-confidence and helps to develop an optimistic and positive spirit.
Its regular practice helps to manage stress, to be more attentive to one’s own emotions and to channel them better, to take a step back from physical and psychological difficulties and to improve behavior in family and professional life.

what is aerial yoga

The Aerial Yoga of Rafael Martínez combines:

A·Suspension and inversion physical exercises (face down in the air) to drain, stretch, tone, decongest and strengthen the body.

B· Breathing techniques to purify, activate vital energy and learn to control emotions (Aero Pranayama),

C·Mental training to develop the focus, clarity, stamina and willpower necessary to achieve goals (Aero meditation).

Aerial Yoga by AeroYoga® is extremely effective (confirmed by hundreds of testimonials from AeroYoga® students and followers since its inception).

aerial yoga

To give results, the practice of Aerial Yoga must be regular and progressive but vigorous and permanently include in-depth work on breathing and concentration.

Then the method works in depth and from the inside:

You learn to know yourself, to manage yourself, to go beyond your limits with work in weightlessness and discover unsuspected resources within yourself. 
It is a method that teaches balance, control, freedom, autonomy and also develops empathy, generosity and availability towards others.

For those who feel the call of Aerial Yoga, this is shown as a true method of personal improvement that implies a process of reunion and spiritual development, without dogmatism, as a work of own and intimate research of self-discovery …

Do you want to know more about Aerial Yoga?

Consultation about classes, retreats and teacher training with Rafael Martinez by Whatsapp +1 787 692 4636.

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