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Puerto Rico Yoga Certification: AeroYoga ® Teacher Training in 5 Points.

Puerto Rico Yoga Certification: AeroYoga ® Teacher Training in 5 Points.

AeroYoga Teacher Training

Puerto Rico Yoga Certification: Introducing Rafael Martínez AeroYoga ® Teacher Training. Discover today a new and revolutionary way to do your Yoga certification in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Yoga Certification: Do you already know the AeroYoga® International Aerial Yoga teacher training?:

Today we invite you to discover a fabulous discipline and a his training, that can make you take off on a human and a professional level.

Hi! I am Rafael Martínez, creator of the AeroYoga® method for two decades. 

Today I present the AeroYoga® teacher training, a teacher’s course designed for a professional success.

This training has been developed by myself in collaboration with a great team of sports medicine professionals, physiotherapist, psychologists and experts in marketing and design for a perfect presentation of our online classrooms.

Discover now the AeroYoga ® Teacher Training in 5 Points.

1·Puerto Rico Yoga Certification: Two ways to do the AeroYoga trainign: Course in person, face to face, or online!

With the online AeroYoga® teacher training you can do the course at your own pace. You can also join the semi-face-to-face possibility, where you will do part of the course with Rafael Martinez in person at the AeroYoga® Institute of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Yoga Certification:  Online AeroYoga training can be started today if you wish! We send your swing to home.

It is a high-content training course, with more than 200 professional videos that include even a complete physiotherapy course. 

The complete course includes 200 hours of training, learning and practical work… The student must even write a thesis, a research work applying the AeroYoga® method to a topic of their choice.

This course culminates in a 200-hour AeroYoga® International Association accredited diploma.

3·Puerto Rico Yoga Certification. Did you know that the AeroYoga® method is divided into 3 variants?

Those variants are called Holistic, Technical and Aerobical:

1-The Holistic variant  is more about Aerial Yoga properly.

2-The Technical variant is more about  Aerial Pilates.

3- And finally, the Aerobic variant is basically about Aerial Fitness.

During this course, you will learn the 3 original variants that make AeroYoga® a highly versatile discipline and allows the certified teacher to offer a large number of classes once the course is finished and their professional career has started in yoga studios, gyms, spas …

Puerto Rico Yoga Certification: In addition, AeroYoga® is a method with 3 levels of intensity, from the most basic, the restorative, to the advanced, the acrobatic.

Puerto Rico Yoga Certification: More content in this AeroYoga® training!.

On the other hand, learn complementary therapy techniques that are adapted to this system of Aerial Yoga and Aero Pilates, such as lithotherapy (work with hot stones and semi-precious crystals) and aromatherapy (use of essential oils that make a perfect synergy with the AeroYoga®).

The AeroYoga® is a suspension training technique in the yoga swing (trapeze) inspired by Creative Yoga© and Ayurveda Rasayanas, with very healthy* objectives such as toning body and mind, detox, physical and emotional, weight loss and anti-age*.

Aerial Yoga Retreat

Puerto Rico Yoga Certification: AeroYoga® focuses on your professional success.

This is about a whole training program for you. You will learn to teach AeroYoga® and make the general public discover this aerial method with the most international repercussions …

I have been developing the AeroYoga method for two decades and I can proudly say that it is already taught in a lot of countries. 

The AeroYoga® brand is registered in the USA, Canada, the 27 countries of the European Community, practically all of Latin America, Russia and even Australia …

When you certify with us, you enjoy the use of the brand permanently and without paying royalties at an international level.

At AeroYoga® Institute we are focused on your professional success!

Do you want to receive all the details about this training, price and discounts?

Contact today by Whastapp +1 787 692 4636

Do you know about our Puerto Rico Aerial Yoga retreats?, click here!

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