yoga in puerto rico

Yoga in Puerto Rico: 3 Great Effects Doing Creative Yoga ©

Yoga in Puerto Rico. Introducing 3 Positive Effects of Creative Yoga (Yoga Creativo©) on Health.

yoga in puerto rico

Yoga in Puerto Rico, practicing Creative Yoga © with us may be the best idea to enhance your Health!

Hi, I’m Rafael Martinez, creator of the Creative Yoga © (Yoga Creativo©) and AeroYoga® method. I have been teaching my methods for almost 20 years and now I teach classes and trainings in and from Puerto Rico for the island and for the world.

Today we are going to talk about the close relationship between the practice of Yoga in Puerto Rico and its beneficial effects for health through its different techniques.

yoga in puerto rico

It is important not to confuse the purpose of yoga with the effects of yoga:

– the goal of yoga is to reach an inner state of being: inner serenity, joy, communion with what surrounds us and at a deep spiritual level …

– The effects, meanwhile, are the benefits that the practice provides on the physical body and on a psychological and mental level.

Yoga in Puerto Rico…. Therapeutic and energetic effects.

Yoga is good for your health.*.

From AeroYoga® Institute Puerto Rico we advise you to slow down your «cruise speed» and to take time to rest and listen to your body, but also to relax and become aware of your body, your muscles and energy from the inside!

It is true that many yoga classes are often attended by flexible and toned people… But yoga is not reserved for them!

yoga in puerto rico

On the contrary, if you dare to practice yoga in Puerto Rico, you too can obtain 3 fantastic benefits for your physical and mental health, these are: 

1 · Get up to speed on your physical level. 

2 · Lose weight and … 

3 · Tone up …

Plus there are other benefits! Yoga, for example, will allow you to improve your concentration, eliminate toxins from your body, work on your flexibility. And maybe even improve your relationship with your partner … In addition, yoga will not only allow you to perform better in a particular sport, but it will also make you feel safer and better every day.

yoga in puerto rico

Yoga in Puerto Rico to learn to breathe.

Learn to breathe better! Conscious breathing (Pranayama) is the essential foundation of all yoga classes of any kind.

Why should this aspect of your being not be neglected? Becoming aware of your breathing, lengthening it, doing apneas, modulating it, is learning a whole set of exercises that you can assimilate in Yoga class in Puerto Rico and then carry with you at all times. The exercise of breathing is the occasion in our life to find calm.

Breathing well is to ensure a more balanced behavior, a restful sleep, better relationships, a better state of shape … Practicing Yoga in Puerto Rico can change your life! When you leave a yoga class, you will be able to better manage all kinds of day-to-day events and problems simply thanks to a more conscious inhalation and exhalation: Conscious breathing undoubtedly brings you closer to a state conducive to relaxation.

yoga in puerto rico

Yoga in Puerto Rico, relaxation.

Also called Yoga Nidra (conscious sleep), it is the phase with which a session of Creative Yoga ©, Yoga in Puerto Rico, is usually concluded. Conscious relaxation is done sitting in the posture of the scribe or better yet lying on your yoga mat.

It is accompanied by slow and deep conscious breathing, guided by the teacher’s voice and/or very soft sounds such as the resonance of a small gong, a Tibetan bowl … or alpha music that favors concentration and prevents dispersion or even sing and listen to mantras in the same room or through ambient music. All these details are undoubtedly the motivation that we lacked to encourage us to practice Yoga in Puerto Rico! I encourage you to attend our Mini-Yoga Retreats in Puerto Rico (Yoga Creativo© and AeroYoga® classes).

yoga in puerto rico

Yoga in Puerto Rico, Mini Retreats at ¨Casa de la Ceiba¨.

We invite you to our Mini Yoga Retreats in Puerto Rico. A holistic and integral occasion for the reencounter with yourself and to combat stress. They are 4-hour retreats that include classes and practice of Aerial Yoga and AeroPilates (AeroYoga®) as well as Creative Yoga © by Rafael Martinez, de Meditation, and Ayurveda.

These multi-hour retreats culminate with a healthy lunch!

For more details contact today, book in advance, the spaces fill up quickly, Info by WhatsApp +1 787 692 4636.


*Non-binding informative note. Always consult with your doctor about any health problem and the convenience in your case of practicing yoga

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