Aerial Yoga Workshops

AeroYoga Workshops for everyone! Aerial Yoga Classes.

Introducing today AeroYoga workshops for everyone! A new way to get Aerial Yoga Classes in Puerto Rico!.

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AeroYoga workshops for everyone! Aerial Yoga.  AeroYoga Institute is an school dedicated to well-being located in the heart of the island of Puerto Rico.

AeroYoga workshops for everyone!. Hello! I´m Rafael Martinez, AeroYoga Institute director. I have been developing the AeroYoga method for more than 15 years, dedicating body and soul to the research and teaching of this revolutionary method that changes body and mind, that transforms lives!

AeroYoga Workshops, Aerial Yoga Retreat
Rafael Martinez is Your Puerto Rico AeroYoga Teacher

AeroYoga workshops for everyone! AeroYoga Institute trip.

After spending several years at my school in Madrid, where the AeroYoga method was born, and spending 10 years traveling the world offering my teacher training, the time has come to settle in a magical place strategically located in the center of everything… That’s right , this is the island of Puerto Rico!.

For many a small island, among the endless Caribbean Sea, but how important it is and how much talent this wonderful place offers.

I settled in Puerto Rico 7 years ago, and decided to open this school in Puerto Rico, after the AeroYoga Institute in Madrid.

This time, however, instead of the city, I chose nature to install my center, in the mountains, in a space of peace and tranquility where students, clients and friends could come to enjoy their retreats, meditations and the practice of AeroYoga. in a suitable environment.

AeroYoga workshops for everyone! Aerial Yoga. The Workshops.

AeroYoga Institute offers AeroYoga workshops every weekend. These workshops, called Mini Retreats, consist of 3-hour non-stop sessions, which are divided into 3 parts.

· 1st Part.

The first part is AeroYoga medium level. Where toning, breathing, and lymphatic * and circulatory drainage are exercised. This part works to help restructure the non-impact muscular skeletal system thanks to suspension exercise, helps us get familiar with the swing and control our blood pressure in the air.

AeroYoga Workshops, Aerial Yoga Retreat

·2nd Part.

The second part is acrobatic AeroYoga. Although it is the most demanding part, it is for everyone, whatever their physical condition. One of the premises of AeroYoga is that the posture and the swing adapt always to the student…

 In this section of the workshop, the strength, dexterity, balance, elasticity, self-control, endurance and develops self-confidence and self-esteem.

Aerial Yoga Retreat

· 3rd Part.

The third part is restorative AeroYoga.

In this section the student connects with himself and the main objective of the exercises is to eliminate stress from the body and from a mental and emotional level.

This last part results like a true delight for the senses,  which is combined with lithotherapy (hot stones) and ecological aromatherapy (essential oils). 
We practice also suspension meditation with the Yoga swing / trapeze and we enjoy the magical Aero Nidra (deep regenerative relaxation floating in the air with the help of the Yoga hammock). 

AeroYoga workshops for everyone! Contact!

If you also want to enjoy a day dedicated to yourself, to your well-being, to feeling your body and mind in connection, on a spiritual level, we are waiting for you at AeroYoga institute.

These sessions are directed by myself, Rafael Martinez, creator of the AeroYoga method. 

Lunch, vegan or traditional (you choose), included. 

AeroYoga is a registered trademark in the United States, Europe, Australia and Latin America.

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AeroYoga Workshops, Aerial Yoga Retreat

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