Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat

Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat, 10 Reasons to Come to our AeroYoga® Class 

Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat, 10 Reasons to Come to Our AeroYoga® Mini-Retreats!

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Our Mini Yoga Retreat in Puerto Rico is both a spiritual and physical experience.
The goal is to disconnect from your daily routine for several hours practicing AeroYoga® intensely and in an environment conducive to relaxation and self-discovery.

Discover now the 10 reasons that will encourage you to come to our AeroYoga® Institute Yoga Retreats! 

Hi! I am Rafael Martínez, creator of the AeroYoga® method and founder of AeroYoga® International two decades ago. 

Yoga Retreat Puerto Rico: Introducing 10 Reasons to attend our Mini-Retreats:

1 · If the practice of AeroYoga® is at the heart of this experience, it is also accompanied by other activities such as meditation, the discovery of new relaxation practices thanks to the work of lithotherapy (therapy with hot stones and semi-precious crystals such as citrine, selenite, pink and white quartz, shungite or black tourmaline … all these stones and crystals are ideal to combat stress, find inner peace and a state conducive to meditation). Also, we work with the wonderful aromatherapy (use of organic essential oils), which we use at the olfactory level but also directly on the skin, hands or applied to hot stones, etc …

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2 · Our Mini-Retreats are aimed at both beginners and experienced people. Objectives: to enjoy and be happy for a time dedicated to oneself and combat stress. 

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3 · Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat: AeroYoga® retreats are offered in the mountains of Aguas Buenas, in the heart of the island and attract more and more enthusiasts from all corners of Puerto Rico! There we invite you to a 4-hour trip with us through this aerial practice that is exciting and full of surprises surrounded by nature with a beautiful view over the island and the sea! Our AeroYoga® and Ayurveda retreats offer you a time and a place to get away from our usual activities, to break with the daily routine..

4 · Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat: La Casa de la Ceiba welcomes you with open arms!
Our chosen place for this Yoga Puerto Rico retreat is Casa de la Ceiba, headquarters of AeroYoga® Institute in the forests of Aguas Buenas, a quiet place that invites relaxation … The setting, the mountain, in the tropics is a dream made a reality for those who like to practice yoga (Creative Yoga ©) and AeroYoga® in contact with pure air and nature.

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5 · Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat, lunch.
Meals are also one of the little pleasures that our AeroYoga® Mini-Retreats offer.
We serve healthy and balanced vegetarian dishes. But we also remember non-vegans and we always have a traditional menu with meat prepared for them… Keto-friendly drinks and dessert complete this lunch to enjoy sitting on the grass in the garden, or on our yoga mats. (We also have chairs and armchairs for those who want it of course!).

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Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat: More reasons to attend our AeroYoga® Mini-Retreats:

6 · It is undoubtedly a great opportunity to learn the AeroYoga® method: Going to our aerial yoga retreats is an opportunity for a novice aero-yogi to learn more about this discipline. We know that it is not easy to go to an unfamiliar place with people you hardly know. However, it will always be a way to open up on all levels: physical, spiritual and emotional.

7 · An AeroYoga® Mini-Retreat is also a time to deepen your knowledge of Creative Yoga ©, aerial yoga and Aero Pilates. It will be the ideal time to perfect your breathing and meditation techniques and master your postures.

puerto rico yoga retreat

8 · Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat: For the more experienced, the AeroYoga® Mini-Retreat is an opportunity to discover the philosophical aspects of yoga that you did not know yet. Breaking the daily routine by flying in suspension with the yoga swing (trapeze): taking a break from the hectic daily rhythm is essential.

9 · AeroYoga® Mini-Retreats are also a great way to take time for yourself for a few hours on the weekend (They take place on Friday afternoons and Saturday and Sunday mornings until noon, choose a day). Exercising with us in the Mini-Retreats (yoga retreat) will also allow you to release stress through breathing and meditation. It is time to think about nothing but the present!.

10 · Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat: Enjoy the feeling of not worrying for a few hours! Come reconnect with yourself and fight stress at our AeroYoga® Mini-retreats at Casa de la Ceiba, in the mountains of Aguas Buenas, in the heart of Puerto Rico! Contact today for more information!.


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